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necklace your name

contact us 70368018 put ur order 1peace 20$

20 USD

Hand made Spanish guitar

Manuel Rodriguez Caballero 10

600 USD

vintage canevas + cadre

vintage canevas + frame

27 USD

machine for permanent make up and tatoo

For info call or whatsapp please

2000 USD

ajmal te7af l3alam

ajmal te7af l3alam sa5ra man7outeh ma2bou3a men 7ayt


Statu of stone for Sale best Antike Sa5er tabi3e roumene 3ati2

Statu of stone for Sale 70231413

300 USD

3rd vintage canevas 40*30

vintage canevas 40*30

33 USD

2nd vintage canevas + frame 40*30

vintage canevas + frame 40*30

40 USD

vintage canevas + frame 40*30

vintage canevas + frame 40*30

33 USD


Peinture a l'huile avec la signature de l'artiste (Jessy tabet Artiste musicienne libanaise)

500 USD

All musical instruments

Piano"s/ guitars/ sax/ tableh/violins /all musical instruments.

70 USD


100 USD

a bitter sweet life

acrylic on canvas

200 USD

a new beginning

oil on canvas - 50x70

200 USD

Reproduction of Rembrandt's painting "the flute player"

oil on canvas - 55x70

500 USD

A dreamy horse

15 x 20 cm- oil painting

30 USD

The moondance

15x20cm, oil painting

35 USD

The seasons of life

oil painting approximately 50 x70cm

150 USD

The fruits of Life

46 cm x 55 cm acryllic painting

150 USD

The perfect house

A very special painting to my heart...

200 USD
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