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Georg Hoffmann 1884 piano

Originaly imported from Germany in 1932 Music, Georg Hoffmann piano. Dated back to 1884 and winner o

7000 USD

Money Detector for Fake USD,LBP,EUR...

Money detector SLD-16 is approved from BDL Bank and available in many lebanese banks such as BDL,Byb

66 USD

مكيف أل جي

LG بقوة 12000 صناعة كورية للاتصال: 71317306

200 USD

Piano bachstein upright

Piano Upright. Brand Bachstein. Made in Italy torino. more than 100 years old. Newly renovated and r

6000 USD

shelf glass+chessi+stand

50 raff ezez(90*30) 3$ each, 130 stand 30cm 3$ each, chessi 2 metre 22 piece 6$ each and 1 metre 14

500 USD

fan heater crazy price 15$ last 1 ( cold -hot)

Cool/warm/hot wind for selection Overheat protection Power Indicator light Rated

19 USD

digitallworld- receiver only 49$ with card

Support PC channel editor Fully DVB-S compatible Friendly Graphic User Interface Software

49 USD


silver chrome vase 10$ wiz candle holder from IKEA @10$-black candle holder for 9 smalll candles fro

10 USD

براد واجهة للمطعم

براد واجهة للمطعم طول 270سم ثلاث طبقات زجاج ثلاث مستويات تبريد متزامنة

700 USD

270 cm براد واجهة للمطاعم

270 cm براد واجهة للمطاعم

700 USD

Kiosk for sale

A very attractive Kiosk for sale L 2,44 x W 2,44 x H 2,70

1900 USD

Salt water Aquarium 140 x 55 x 60cm

Salt water aquarium tank 1.4m with his table and all set up of higher end top quality : Pomp 3000L/

2200 USD

Blue Corail

Blue corail can b used inside an aquarium

7500 LBP

Corail for ur aquarium or ur home

White color

12000 LBP

Real Corail

100 USD

المسيرة...أعداد نادرة جدا

أعداد نادرة من مجلة المسيرة (الاعداد الاولى من سنة 1982 لغاية 1985) حالة ممتازة - ثمن العدد 20$ - ال

20 USD

Wall Mount - Articulating Bracket (TV LED/LCD)

Not available in LEB, imported from Dubai. Original price 500 AED, but didn't fit in my TV cabi

100 USD

labrador female puppie

A brunette female labrador type dog puppie , well trained , 3 weeks old + free 4kg special dog food


Bedroom (3 beds)

3 beds 2 on the floor and 1 on the top of them every bed's width is 1 meter and 2 meters for t

950 USD

Fast UAE Company Set up Service

We are a Business Consulting Firm in Dubai. We would like to inform our valuable clients the best bu

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