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building for sale

A building in jiyeh cotain about 3 floor 5 homes every one 140m also have ro5sa for 3 home have swim

1000000 USD

apartment for sale ashrafieh

4th floor , totally renovated

160000 USD

شقة فخمة جدا سوبر شوبر ديلوكس 3 نوم 230 م في بشامون + شومينة

شقة فخمة جدا جدا للبيع في بشامون المدارس جانب مشروع النجاة والاندلس . سوبر سوبر ديلوكس فخمة اكتر من

300000 USD

شقة للبيع على اتوستراد خلدة مباشرة 185م مطلة بحرا وجبلا سعر محروق

شقة سوبر ديلوكس منفوضة بالكامل وجديدة بالكامل مع ديكورات على اوتوستراد خلدة3 نوم + صالون وسفرة3 حم

225000 USD

shop & office.(bikfaya)

Typical Lebanese old house consisting of 2 floors+ a basement. Wooden ceiling and stone walls. Can b

500000 USD

very beautiful house & garden in bikfaya

very beautiful house with garden. 1400sqm land. 570 sqm triplex.

1800000 USD

villa in dahr el souan

750 sqm land & 500sqm construction .

1100000 USD

HOT DEAL!! 150m2+99m2 terrace Decorated garden floor flat-Jeita

At 1085$/sqm ONLY, apartment for sale in Jeita - 150sqm resale Garden floor apartment located on the

199000 USD

i want one room to buy

i want one room with kitchen to buy any where in beirut or khaldeh,baabda,hazmiyeh,da7iyeh,hadath

25000 USD

Land for sale

150000 USD

A 1075 sqm land for sale located in Mar Moussa, El Metn

A 1075 sqm land for sale located in Mar Moussa . It has an amazing mountain view. This land is very

600000 USD

Luxurious penthouse for sale in Ain Saadeh

Luxurious penthouse for sale in Ain Saadeh– 1060 sqm – 7 master bedrooms -9 bathrooms – 4 salons – 1

4500000 USD

Apartment for sale in Dik El Mehdi

Apartment for sale in Dik El Mehdi – 175 sqm –60 sqm terrace - 1 master bedroom – 2 regular bedrooms

320000 USD

Apartment (Duplex) with terrace for sale in Jal El Dib

Apartment (Duplex) with terrace for sale in Jal El Dib - 175 sqm with 80 sqm terrace -The apartment

360000 USD

Warehouse for sale in Mezher

Warehouse for sale in Mezher - 600 sqm – 4.75 meters height - 2 parking spots – bathroom – kitchen

550000 USD

Land in Arzai (saida district) NO. 706

Owner sale : Land No. 706 in Arzai 1535m2 net with sanad of property-directly to be sold by buyer n


Super Deluxe Homes in Beirut

By owner sale:NEW HOMES .Super Deluxe of 215 m2 in Ras Nabeh. with car parking Ready for delivery

1000000 USD

NEW Homes super deluxe in Ras Nabea- sanayeh -Zariff

By owner sale super deluxe flats are avaliable in sanayeh under construction 235 m2 of 2*12 floors


Land in Dakoun - Real Estate

The land is in Dakoun, Aley, it is 1 minute away by car from the main road, or 2 minutes if walking.

125 USD


A beautiful land in Rabieh between 2 main roads, for villas ((25/50)

2800 USD