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car body kits!


We are a company that deals in all types of conversions and body kits for several types of cars: 1- BMW 2- Mercedes-Benz 3- Range Rover 4- Audi 5- Volkswagen 6- Mitsubishi 7- Subaru All parts are available in carbon fiber, original plastic, PU and fiber glass. Conversions: BMW Any M look required (m3, m5, x6m...) Lips and spoilers. AUDI S-Line, ABT, Rieger ... MERCEDES-BENZ All AMG bodykits. RANGE ROVER Range Rover Sport: Conversion 2006 to 2011 (HSE, Supercharged, Autobiography, HST) Vogue: Conversion 2003 to 2006 and conversion 2006 to 2011 We also provide all kind of chrome accessories, grills, roof rack... VOLKSWAGEN Conversion Golf to GTI, ABT look, RIEGER look, Caratere, any carbon fiber part. SUBARU STI look, WRC look, any carbon fiber composite part. MITSUBISHI Any carbon fiber composite part. We also provide a large quantity of stock and aftermarket rims for all car models. Also available car exhaust system , aftermarket and stock. In addition we are resellers of VORSTEINER, HAMMAN, RAYS & VOLK Wheels, NISMO and several other knows tuning manufacturers. For more info pls call us on the following numbers: +961 70 2 400 40 +961 3 30 50 79 or email us: TheCarGallery@hotmail.com

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