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vox amp 45w - tube.


[Amp Models] BOUTIQUE CL,DELUXE TWEED,SUPER 4X10,AC15TB,AC30HH,EXPRESS TRAIN,AC50CP2,UK 25TH,US ’90S,UK MODERN,BOUTIQUE METAL,MODDED CL,TWEED 2X12,TWEED 4X10,AC15,AC30TB,BOUTIQUE OD,AC30BM,UK ’80S,CALI METAL,UK ’90S,METAL BULL [Effect Models] DELAY,TAPE ECHO,CHORUS,COMP,OCTAVE,FLANGER,PHASER,ROTARY,TREMOLO,PITCH,REVERB, NR(Noise Reduction) Number of amp types: 22 Number of effects: 12 Number of programs: 66 preset, 8 user Input/output jacks: 1x INPUT,1 x FOOT SW jack, 1 x PHONE jack, 1 x EXTERNAL SPEAKER OUT jack(only VT50/VT100), 1 x LOOP RETURN jack(only VT100), 1 x LOOP SEND jack(only VT100) Power amp output: VT15=maximum 15W RMS @4 ohms, VT30=maximum 30W RMS @4 ohms, VT50=maximum 50W RMS @8 ohms, VT100=maximum 100W RMS @8 ohms Speaker: VT15=1 x VOX original (8 inch,4 ohm), VT30=1 x VOX original (10 inch,4 ohm ), VT50=1 x VOX original (12 inch,8 ohm), VT100=2 x VOX original (12 inch,8 ohm) Signal processing A/D conversion: 24-bit, D/A conversion: 24-bit, Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz Power supply requirements: AC, local voltage Power consumption: VT15=28W, VT30=40W,VT50=XXW, VT100=XXW Dimensions: VT15=428(W) x 224(D) x 395(H) mm / 16.85”(W) x 8.82”(D) x 15.55”(H) , VT30=456(W) x 224(D) x 430(H) mm / 17.95”(W) x 8.82”(D) x 16.93”(H), VT50=578(W) x 265(D) x 485(H) mm / 22.8"(W) x 10.4"(D) x 19.1(H), VT100=684(W) x 268(D) x 553(H) mm / 26.9"(W) x 10.6"(D) x 21.8"(H) Weight: VT15=10kg / 22.05lbs., VT30=12kg / 26.43lbs, VT50=20 kg / 44.1lbs, VT100=28.5 kg / 62.8lbs Included items: power cable for free especially especially used for studios but im gonna give it for free.

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