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mini cooper custom-made barbecue


Custom - Made BARBECUE, from the remains of a totaled car chassis (here, a MINI).

Amaze your Guests with an ORIGINAL and UNIQUE barbecue design, with your choice of color, car make and model (depending on availability) and detailing. Please call for a quotation depending on the car model and what you want to do with it.

Features: chrome finish, car labels and decals, tires and wheel caps, custom matricle (print anything you want on the car matricle), functioning lights and most importantly, a sturdy customized barbecue under the hood :)

Price depends on customization. please call for a quotation.
delivered anywhere in lebanon.
additional costs: 600 $ paint your car with professional graffiti.
army paint job finish: add 600$ to the base price.
fog lights: add 65$

delivery time: 3-4 weeks upon reception of downpayment.
downpayment: 50%

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