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thuja (toya) trees for sale


1 meter up to 3.5 meters high, price starting 10$ (price changes depending on size and quantity) stays green all year round. need minimum care.
Thuja trees are a hybrid cultivar and evergreen. They are popular trees for landscapers and gardeners because of their rapid growth and durability. can be planted all year round and in any kind of soil.

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mayaoutayek the trees' prices are 50 to 70% less than the prices that you will find in plants' nurseries (مشاتل)
2015-Dec-09 10:35
m.jobs your location plz
2015-Dec-11 08:43
mayaoutayek Jbeil - Blat Mastita Kartaboun EXIT from Highway 150 meters up, from Spinneys supermarket, towards Kartaboun Villa Fouad Outayek
2015-Dec-11 10:09
ghgh Hi You have other kind of trees?
2015-Dec-21 11:01
mayaoutayek unfortunately no, we have only this type of trees. we are not a plant shop, we have been growing Thuja trees around the house as a hobby, and since we arrived to have a big quantity we decided to sell them for a very symbolic price :)
2015-Dec-21 17:41
mayaoutayek UPDATE: trees less than 1m are all sold out available trees: 1m+ = 20,000 LL (Market price 50,000) 2m+= 40,000 LL (Market Price 75,000) 3m+= 60,000 LL (Market Price 100,000)
2016-Mar-11 09:23
mayaoutayek correction: 2m+= 45,000LL
2016-Mar-11 12:13