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hand-link guest wifi hotspot and gateway


The WG-604 300Mbps HotSpot Gateway/Router provides unsurpassed wireless high speed for Bed & Breakfast, Coffee Shop/Restaurant, Airport/Transportation Center and Campus Library/Scenic Square to provide guests, visitors and customers a powerful WiFi hotspot network service. The product design is bundling core processor with separate WLAN module that allows users to enjoy 3.5 time faster than competitors' WLAN on Board. It is equipped with 3 antennas to offer the most concurrent users an unparalleled performance ever on a hotspot gateway. The WG-604 provides a customizable and user-friendly management interface that supports web-based authentication and management tool, and marketing cooperation. It also can be integrated with RADIUS AAA server, pre-paid card system, billing system, SMTP server, web server, SNMP management and syslog server. It can work with AG-300E Account Generator Thermal Printer that allows the proprietors to generate a billing and system summary with a single kit simply.

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