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super luxurious german glass kitchenette + island


This is an original imported German kitchen "ALNO".

- The front doors are wooden with glass front and grooved aluminum all around the edges for gripping

- Hinges and drawers are soft closing

- 3 hinged base cabinets 60cm wide each (1 for sink with bin)

- 3 different height hinged wall units 60cm wide each (1 with built-in flat TV)

- 1 pull-out for jars and spices 15cm wide

- 1 pull-out for trays 15cm wide

- 1 drawer cabinet 120cm wide (1 shallow, 2 deep)

- Wooden cutlery insert with glass containers and spices in shallow drawer

- Wooden plate divider in deep drawer

- All 120cm drawers can be opened electronically with just a simple slight push (motors are included)

- 2 pull-out cabinets 30cm wide with top drawers and interior drawers

- 1 oven cabinet 90cm wide with bottom deep drawer

- Stainless steel top with sink and 2 mixers for the black glass cabinets

- Black quartz top with mirror bits for the island

- 3 designer halogen spotlights under wall units

- 4 pan gas hob with mirror structure

- 90cm built-in electric oven

The kitchen is only 5 years old, in top condition, sitting in our showroom, only used for presentation, with no damages.

Dismantling, delivery and installation is free of charge.

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