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pioneer plx-1000 | beirut, lebanon


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The Pioneer Pro DJ PLX-1000 direct-drive turntable offers the kind of performance that has DJs retiring their classic rigs. Its high-torque platter gets up to speed and stable in under a third of a second, making hot starts and scratches as precise as any turntable we've seen at Sweetwater. Three tempo ranges and a reset button makes beat matching incredibly flexible. What's more, few Hi-Fi turntables can compete with the sound of the PLX-1000, which offers magnificent clarity and next to no noise. Pioneer even eliminated sound of the PLX-1000's Start/Stop button.


-High-torque direct-drive turntable engineered to meet the demands of today's top DJs and clubs

-User-friendly layout makes seasoned professionals feel right at home with this turntable

-Quartz lock servo direct-drive motor provides stable rotation in just .3 seconds at 33-1/3 rpm

-Superior electronics get the best possible sound quality from your vinyl

-Start/Stop button noise almost completely eliminated for smoother operation

-Die-cast aluminum platter provides an absolutely stable feel under your fingertips

-Cast high-mass zinc body on 8mm resin base with 9mm damping surface minimizes vibration

-Rubber tubing inside the S-shaped tone arm dramatically decreases howling

-Ultra-stable RCA and power connections recessed so that cables don't stick out beyond the footprint

-Tempo control with 3 selectable ranges (+/-8/16/50%) and reset button provides extra precision

-Rough underside on left and right sides provides excellent grip for carrying

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