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dog training services for less price


Our training system is based on building a strong and positive relation ship between you and your dog and or your handler. This is why we start the training as early as possible from the age of 3 months and up.
Please understand that a dog has a mentality of a 3 year old kid. It cannot think or behave like us. It cannot analyse a situation, it has no logic and does not do things on purpose.

A dog has the present and the past but not the future. In other words a dog has no worries. If you teach your dog 2+3 it does not understand 3+2.
Basic commands:
Liberator command: «ok»
Correction command: «no»
Other commands will follow depending on your personal needs. The most important part of your dog’s growth is from the age of 3 months till the age of 10 months.Your dog has to socialize, get use to different type of distractions and noise.

Advanced Obedience (Beyond the basics)
Beyond the basics: (10 months and up) off leash.
Commands are:
Liberator command: «ok»
Correction command: «no»
Back command (option)
-Sports of biting (option)
Preparing your dog for protection work and or competition.
-Agility work (option)
Jumping obstacles.

Understand that the breed is not the problem; the difference is in the selection, care and handling of the animal.
Security Protection Dog
Type of working dog like a private security for companies, private housed compounds and private areas.

Family Protection Dog
People having a tendency of showing that large breeds are dangerous dogs because they can inflict more damage than small dogs. The family companion protection dog is generally a friendly and loving animal. This animal is balanced in nature and therefore possesses the ability to play and seek attention.
A protection dog’s primary function is to serve as a deterrent simply by the dog’s presence and aggressive behavior behind your fence, in your car, in your home…
Commands are:
-Bark, watch, speak…..
-Bite, hit, attack….
-Out, let….
-Bark and hold. Command.
-Muzels attack. (option)
-Back command (option)

Full Program:
Our full program is training the Dog from the age of 3 months till he becomes an adult (18 months). It is a combination of obedience training and protection works.
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