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best german shepherd puppies for sale ( puppy / dog / dogs )


We sell all breeds of dogs and all my puppies ARE ABSOLUTELY BREATH TAKING! I GET SO MANY COMPLIMENTS ON MY DOGS AND PUPS ABOUT HOW HEALTHY THEY ARE AND HOW MUCH I CARE FOR THEM, ( insuring %100 Health and %100 Pure Race and %100 best of the best puppies in the middle east )
My puppiess are top bloodline and really Breath Taking
( we also train dogs ) for more info call Alaa on 03596651

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sokrat.aridi 3596651
2016-Jan-19 19:45
Рани.halil beik Fi chi black german sheperd lal be3?
2016-May-22 09:32
bassam.costantine 2ade 7a2o ?
2016-Jun-10 15:05