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japane foot pads body toxins removal


Japane foot pads are a simple, safe and effective body detoxification method provided natural products are used. Working with traditional Japan foot reflexology principles, they can help to remove toxins and flush out impurities, assisting the body’s natural detoxification process. In recent years foot pads have gained popularity amongst individual users and health professionals alike. Heavy metal testing kits are also available in order to uncover and analyse the toxins and impurities found in the body.

Some of the other possible health benefits from using Japan Foot Pads include -

•Boost your energy levels
•Release toxins trapped in body fat and cells
•Assist weight loss
•Improve metabolism and immune system
•Help relieve stress with the emission of negative ions
•Reduce aches, pains, headaches and tiredness
•Reduce water retention
•Help to improve blood circulation
•Relief of muscle aches and pains
•Aid and assist sleep
•Helping detoxify the body simply, safely and effectively

1 box = 12pcs
price 320 AED
pls contact from UAE 0567275508 or +971567275508

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