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onkyo reciever made in japan with 2 infinity speakers+subwoofer


Onkyo reciever,Amplifier: Integra TX-ds 939 AUDIO VIDEO CONTROL TUNER AMPLIFIER "home theater system for professionals " its good for big parties,DGs and night clubs or big resturants ..the ONKYO IS 100% MADE IN JAPAN .not malysia like the ones at khoury home..i got this one from UK.its 100% original Japanese AND VERY HEAVY and its barely used....+ the 2 speakers r Infinity made in Danmark 100%.. veeeeeeeeeeery loud and powerful outstanding speakers and clear sound " best brand in THE whole WORLD" + kenwood suboofer
the whole package for 2000$ FINAL PRICE + free stand " it costed 100$ alone " check out the pics to see it..."this package is worth 3500$ at khoury home..and the one at khoury home is chinese not like mine JAPANESE AND THE SPEAKERS"DANMARK"
located in Bshemoun

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