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fire suppression or fire protection system for server room & data


We offer fire protection for fire suppression system for server room , datacenter (or data center) and telecom room.

Traditional method of fire suppression (for example water sprinkler) cannot be use in Server room and datacenter since this will cause same damage as that of fire. To extinguish server room fire or datacenter fire a gaseous agent is recommended HFC-227ea (chemical name is heptafluoropropane). HFC-227ea is replacement for Halon 1301 since later cause intense ozone depletion and HFC-227ea is environmental friendly.

Server room fire suppression agent should be quick, clean and non conductive in nature. HFC-227eahas following features due to which it is preferred for server room fire protection or datacenter fire suppression:

>> HFC-227ea is very quick.
>> HFC-227ea is as clean agent since it does not leave any residue.
>> HFC-227ea has no electronic conductivity hence suitable to use in any area.
>> HFC-227ea when release it does not reduces oxygen level in atmosphere.
>> HFC-227ea is environment friendly since it has Zero ozone depleting potential.
>> HFC-227ea require lesser storage area as compared to other agent.

We do complete supply installation of server room fire suppression system. Fm200, fm200 fire suppression, HFC-227ea, halon 1301, heptafluoropropane, Server room fire, data center fire, datacenter fire, suppression system, fire suppression system, server room fire protection, server room fire suppression system, computer room fire, firex, datacenter fire protection, data center fire protection, clean agent fire suppression


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