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polaroid i-zone pocketcam- instantcamera-sticker film only 70$


The new Polaroid I-Zone Pocket Camera is the ultra-portable instant camera that presents new and different ways to have fun! The camera kit includes Polaroid's latest format of instant camera, six exposures of sticky film, and batteries. It's packed with features that make taking pictures a breeze. There are three exposure settings on the I-Zone - indoors (with flash), outdoor/sunny, and outdoor/cloudy. The picture quality is one of Polaroid's best, producing vivid colors and surprisingly excellent detail for such a small image. Loading the Polaroid I-Zone is simple, and using it is even simpler. There is no need to focus, the built-in flash fires automatically, and the camera is small enough to slip into a purse or the small pocket on a backpack. What's more, you can use Polaroid Sticker Film with the Pocket Camera. So you can take neat mini photos that stick anywhere. Go ahead - express your individuality. Use them to decorate your favorite stuff or to collect and share with friends. The pocket camera is not just about taking pictures - it's also about what you decide to do with them. real price 225$


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