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m-audio bx5 d3 | beirut, lebanon


Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School, Music Technology Store, Studios Hamra, Beirut. 03733156
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The BX5 D3 was meticulously engineered to provide accurate sound reproduction. A high-current, high-headroom Class A/B amplifier drives a 5" military-grade Kevlar woofer and 1" silk dome tweeter. The speaker features a bi-amplified design, so it exhibits a sound that's both powerful and precise. A rear-mounted port was built to a specific length and diameter to produce deep, defined bass. A custom waveguide eliminates unwanted high-frequency scatter, ensuring that the BX5 D3's imaging is spot on. And don't worry about positioning a front-panel LED shines brightly when the BX5 D3 is at the ideal monitor angle.


-100W active studio monitor with 5" military-grade Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1" silk dome tweeter

-Bi-amplified design delivers a sound that's both powerful and precise

-Custom waveguide ensures accurate dispersion for an incredibly tight soundstage

-Optimized rear-mounted port produces defined low-end response with bass extension down to 52Hz

-Acoustic Space Control tailors your monitor to your mix space

-Volume control for dialing in the perfect playback level

-Balanced combo input allows for flexible installation

-Front-panel LED shines brightly when the speaker is positioned at an ideal angle

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