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ik multimedia uno synth | beirut, lebanon


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With an all-analog audio path and dual oscillators with continuously variable waveshapes, the IK Multimedia Uno Synth is capable of conjuring truly massive sounds. Designed with boutique synth maker Soundmachines, the Uno Synth is the result of decades of experience in hardware and software synth design. Shape sounds with its multimode filter, LFO, two envelopes, and effects. Compose on the fly with its built-in sequencer, complete with a 27-note keyboard and 13 scale options. With all this packed into a completely portable design, and with connectivity for the rest of your music-making gear, the IK Multimedia Uno Synth is a highly capable synth for modern producers.


-Portable monophonic analog synthesizer

-All-analog signal path with self-tuning oscillators

-2 independent analog oscillators with saw, triangle, and pulse waves

-Oscillator waveforms are continuously variable

-Osc section also includes pulse-width modulation and white noise generation

-2-pole multimode resonant filter offers LPF, HPF, and BPF modes

-AD envelope for filter, AR envelope for amplitude, and full ADSR control via MIDI CC or software editor

-LFO with saw, square, triangle, sine, random, and sample-and-hold waveforms for modulating pitch, filter, or amp

-40 controls at your fingertips, with 4 encoders combined with function buttons

-Multi-touch 27-note chromatic keyboard with 13 selectable scale modes

-Built-in delay effect plus 5 performance effects

-10-mode, 4-octave arpeggiator

-16-step sequencer with real-time recording and step editing

-Audio input for daisy-chaining other synths modules, drum machines, etc.

-Software editor/librarian for Mac/PC makes it easy to create and save custom sounds

-Complete MIDI implementation all parameters and clock can be controlled via external MIDI CC

-Powered via USB or 4 x AA batteries

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