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ik multimedia irig mic field | beirut, lebanon


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If you do audio field recording or shoot video, we have a mic for you! IK Multimedia's iRig Mic Field is a pocket-sized stereo mic with two high-quality capsules arranged in an XY configuration and a 24-bit A/D converter to ensure the best possible quality. iRig Mic Field sports a cool rotating enclosure that makes it ideal for a variety of pro audio and video applications. This compact mic preserves accurate left/right stereo imaging, so you get great-sounding audio to go along with your great-looking video. iRig Mic Field connects digitally to the Lightning port of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, for superior results than you'd get with the device's built-in mono mic, while its built-in headphone jack lets you monitor in real time.


-Digital stereo field-recording mic that connects to iOS devices via the Lightning port

-Rotates 90 for optimal audio/video positioning and locks in place

-Great for music recording, video shoots or any field-recording application

-Integrated headphone output

-Gain control and multicolor LED indicator make it easy to adjust

-High-quality stereo capsule

-24-bit, 44.1 - 48kHz A/D conversion

-Lightweight and pocket sized

-Elegant design with black finishing

-Effortless stereo recording with iRig Recorder app (included)

-iOS Core Audio compatible

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