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akai fire | beirut, lebanon


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The first dedicated controller made for FL Studio software, the Akai Fire grid controller delivers comprehensive control for production and performance. Akai worked closely with Image Line makers of FL Studio to enhance your workflow and optimize your music-making sessions. Featuring a 4 x 16 matrix, Fire makes it easy to navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar, and Playlist menus, allowing you to step away from the mouse and enjoy hands-on control. And with the ability to connect up to four Akai Fire grid controllers to FL Studio, you could even create a physical 8 x 32 matrix right on your desktop or in your live rig.


-Dedicated control surface for FL Studio DAW software (Mac and PC)

-4 x 16 control matrix with velocity-sensitive RGB pads

-Navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar, and Playlist menus without a mouse

-Performance mode allows you to create sequences and play instruments in real time

-Dedicated transport section for comprehensive session control

-Up to four units can be connected to create a powerful 8 x 32 matrix

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