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moog grandmother | beirut, lebanon


Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School, Music Technology Store, Studios Hamra, Beirut. 03733156
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The Moog Grandmother semi-modular analog synthesizer had us at "built-in spring reverb," and there is plenty more creative potential here than meets the eye. You can start playing and designing sounds immediately no patching required. The onboard arpeggiator and sequencer are a blast to play with, and you can even save three sequences for instant recall anytime. And with its 32-note Fatar keybed, the Grandmother is one of the best-feeling compact analog synths you'll find. Whether you need it for stage or studio, the Moog Grandmother offers a fresh take on the classic Moog sound.


-Semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer with 41 patch points

-32-note, velocity-sensitive Fatar keybed

-Built-in spring reverb can process internal and external sounds

-Semi-modular design no patching required, but ready to integrate with Eurorack

-All normalized connections can be interrupted, for complete modular integration

-Flexible arpeggiator/sequencer, with 3 preset locations for your favorite sequences (up to 256 notes each)

-2 oscillators with triangle, saw, square, and pulse waveforms, with PWM and Linear FM inputs

-4-pole, 10Hz-20kHz ladder filter

-1-pole highpass filter

-Analog ADSR envelope generator, with dedicated fader for sustain-stage manipulation

-Analog LFO can reach audio rates

-MIDI connectivity via DIN MIDI in/out/thru and USB

-41 patch points include 21 inputs, 16 outputs, and a parallel-wired 4-jack passive multi

-1/4" audio input for external signals

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