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moog theremini | beirut, lebanon


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Start playing fast thanks to built-in scales and pitch quantization

While the free-ranging pitch of the original Theremin is what gives its sound much of its unique character, the Theremini gives you the option to quantize your playing to one of many selectable scales. Best of all, you've got complete control over the amount of pitch quantization. At maximum settings, notes lock into place in the selected scale - it's impossible to play a wrong note. As you decrease this control, you get more expressive control over pitch and vibrato. Turn it all the way down, and you have the same performance characteristics as you'd expect from an original Theremin.


-Easy-to-play Theremin with built-in speaker

-32 wavetable-based sounds range from classic to modern

-Selectable scales make it easy to play with accurate pitch

-User selectable range means you can set the lowest and highest note values

-Pitch/CV output and USB MIDI for controlling other synthesizers

-Can be mounted on a mic stand (requires optional 3/8" male to 5/8" female mic screw adapter)

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