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hp omen like new for sale


HP Omen 15-ce0xx Product Number 2CJ34EA#ABV (you can google this number for full specs) # Specs Overview: CPU: i7-7700 HQ GPU: GTX 1060 Max-q 6 GBs VRAM RAM: 16 GBs 2666 MHz Storage: 2 TB 5400 RPM HDD + 256 GBs SSD Screen: 120 Hz Refresh Rate (300 Nits Brightness and pretty color accurate) # Additional Info The laptop also has a thunderbolt 3 port The laptop is still under international warranty for 1.5 months and still has an extended local (Lebanese) Warranty for an additional 2 Years. The battery is still on its 62nd cycle (out of 1000) so it is still pretty much brand new. As for the physical condition, the laptop is almost brand new(always dusted and taken care of), I recently cleaned out the fans with compressed air (as advised by HP), thermals are pretty good for a gaming laptop (no thermal throttling) The reason why I'm selling this laptop is because I recently got accepted to pursue my master's degree in Europe. So I'm trying to sell it to save some weight and, sadly I don't think I'll be gaming as much, I will most probably get myself an ultrabook for the extended battery life and portability. My asking price is 1100$ (originally bought 6 motnhs ago for 1850$). However I'm willing to negotiate it. Please if interested Whatsapp me !

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