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charcoal for sale


The company has a manufacturing record for export, a regular company All types of charcoal are free from impurities, breakage and grinding. Moisture percentage does not exceed 4%. We provide all packages and sizes with new bags printed on the name of the buyer with his own brand. Export coal is completely and partially different from the local charcoal. Forms and sizes are regular. Selection of the finest types of wood to ensure a 100% good product. Under-sand carbonization process to ensure coal hardness Guarantee of highest carbon, less ash and less moisture Water is not added at all after completing the conversion from 100% natural wood conversion. All kinds of impurities, dust and incomplete charcoal are isolated Providing shipping companies to the buyer at the lowest prices All export papers are available To communicate with us through all means of communication through the following number 00201202139997 Or via the following e-mail charcoal.group5@gmail.com

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