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misopristol and mifepristone for sales


When you buy Mifegest kit, you receive an abortion pill combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both pills make hormonal changes in the woman’s body and end the first- trimester early pregnancy. This Abortion kit contains one Pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol. Since the Mifegest kit is easily available at our online website, you can consider buying Mifegest kit online and get the pregnancy terminated at home or at your workplace safely without letting know to anyone. It’s totally discreet and not detectable even in medical reports that you had an early abortion. Take the first pill, Mifepristone followed by taking the second medicine, Misoprostol on the next day. Consult your doctor to understand the efficacy of the abortion kit as per your gestation and other bodily specifications. Regimen: Mifepristone dosage: One medicine of 200 mg is considered as the standard abortion pill power of Mifepristone. Indicated to administer it orally. It can be swallowed with water. There’s no specific time for pill intake. Misoprostol dosage: To terminate an early pregnancy, Misoprostol 200 mcg tablet works on the uterus and ends a pregnancy with the help of the other prescribed pill. There are two ways of taking this medicine. Buccally Keep the 4 pills in both the cheek pouches for 30 minutes. The user can gulp down the remainders after 30 minutes. Vaginally: Insert the four pills in the vagina. Push them inside with your index finger. Let the Misoprostol pills dissolve there for at least half an hour. *If the user chooses the second method of administering, she is requested to urinate before consuming the pill since the urinating immediately after taking the pill is not advised. Symptoms: Mifepristone: The medicine does not show immediate symptoms of pregnancy termination. The user may expect to bleed and cramping (after taking the other medicine to be taken with Mifepristone). Rare cases show slight bleeding within a few hours. The user is warned to continue the dosage with the other medication as prescribed. Misoprostol: Cramps: The prostaglandin constituents contract the uterine lining which results in the intense stomach cramps. Bleeding: The user is expected to experience heavy vaginal bleeding within 24 hours. Consult your healthcare provider if you do not encounter vaginal bleeding. Users are advised to use maxi pads for soaking blood clots. The bleeding may continue for a week or more. Monitor your bleeding and inform the same to your healthcare provider. Mifegest Kit Side Effects: Nausea Dizziness headache Feeling tired or weak Belly pain Upset stomach Excessive bleeding Cramps You can get this Mifegest Kit with express delivery, You can Whatsapp or Email us for any query. We would love to assist you. WHATSAPP+971553610314 WHATSAPP+15412362993 WHATSAPP+639978774582 celinaindira21@gmail.com

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