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casio answering machine with speakerphone only 39$ تلفون مميز جدا مع تسجيل كاسيت


Wall Mountable
Looks great in a kitchen or other work areas.
10 Number Autodial
Store up to 10 frequently dialed numbers for quick dialing.
New Message Indicator
Flashes rapidly to indicate new messages have been received. Flashes slowly after messages have been played and saved.
Memo/Conversation Record
Record important phone conversations or leave memos for household members.
Programmable Ring Select with Tollsaver
When set to Tollsaver, the unit indicates it has new messages by answering on the second ring When calling in to retrieve messages and there are none, hang up before the fourth ring and avoid unnecessary toll charges.
Remote Operation
Use a 3-digit remote access number to play, replay, and save messages or to activate the, remote room monitor/speakerphone.
Short Burst/Cellular Compatible
Allows access to the answering machine from most telephones such as pay phones and cellular phones.
Remote Activation
Activate the 3570 from any telephone. Call the machine and let the phone ring approximately 15 times.
Auto Extension Disconnect
Answer calls from any extension phone and automatically slop the answering machine from recording.

Single Microcassette


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